Can Younger Women be Faithful?

I Personally Don’t Know Of Any Faithful Woman Between The Ages Of 17 38?


Sobering truth when I think about it: I cannot personally name one woman, married or single, between 17 and 38, who is faithful to her partner.

I have a friend who tells me the following story!

Not only are my immediate co-workers women, but every worker and those who hold supervisory positions, is a woman. So I’m literally the sole male working for this company (in which I’m a supervisor).

With that comes the requirement of great mental resilience to withstand the constant gossips and cattiness of women within the workplace.

I hear all the chatter about who slept with who last night, who got laid on the side over the weekend and which girl in the department is having a secret love affair with an older or younger man.

As a guy who doesn’t judge nor lambaste women for their personal choices when it comes to sex and men, women are often times eerily comfortable in divulging information of their personal sex lives to me, comforted in knowing that they won’t be castigated as wanton sluts for their promiscuous lifestyles.

It’s very common to have women confide in me, so there’s no trepidation or fear on their part to discuss their dirty-little secrets whenever I’m around or in earshot.

If a girl has to take a phone call, she’ll do it right in front of me where all the juicy details of her sinister rendezvous are leaked.

Furthermore, I can care less for female gossip but it’s something I just cannot avoid due to my work logistics.

Be as it may, when I crunch the numbers and assess the behavioral pattern of the women whom I know directly and indirectly- more so the ones between the ages of 17-38; I scratch my head trying to come up with just 1, who is 100% loyal to her partner- be it in a marriage or relationship.

Scratch, scratch, scratch and more scratching.

When I asses the women I come into contact with on a regular basis: scratch, scratch, scratch!

No fidelity there.

The ones whom I’d taken to bed: scratch, scratch, scratch!

No fidelity there neither.

Where are the faithful women between the ages of 17-38?

And why don’t I know any?

What I come to realize [and this will be a shocker for many who fail to dissect and run the numbers on matters like these], is that being a faithful woman in the 21st century is actually a social blemish and a cause for ostracization by other women.

It’s now seen as “Uncool” to be faithful to 1 guy.

This is no different than the church girl getting shamed among her social circle for trying to be pious in such an impious world.

A religiously inclined woman is often seen as a stuck-up snob who’s out of touch with the times. Such is the case with the faithful woman.

Faithfulness to 1 man, now has a stigma of “old-fashion” attached to it.

If you’re faithful; then you’re old-fashion.

If you’re faithful; you’re uncool.

If you’re faithful; you’re a bitch who thinks she’s better than every other chick.

Such is the general conclusion at which I arrive by assessing the entire situation of how fidelity is looked at by women in their sexual prime.

No one wants to hang out with a prudish girl who sees hooking up with other men an abomination.

The prude mentality just isn’t cool in the 21st century.

When girls go out, they don’t intend on having their “fun” inhibited by some self-righteous tag-along girlfriend who’s gonna judge them for their actions [she’ll either conform or stay home].

If you’re a guy reading this article right now, one who never had the luxury of being in the company of thousands of women as I have, what I’m saying to you may come off as shocking. But as a guy myself who’s interacted with thousands of women on a personal level, I know the inner workings of the female mind.

As a husband or mere boyfriend, this revelation may seem troubling to you.

The fact that I cannot name 1 woman in her sexual prime who’s faithful to her partner, should actually make you feel unsettled in your seat.

Most guys just don’t like to face the undiluted truth.

The truth is, your girlfriend, if she’s in her sexual prime, will cheat on you, or have cheated on you at some point in time during the relationship.

If she hadn’t already: she will…eventually!

The prevailing consensus points to that [most relationships and marriages FAIL].

Also, the reality that most relationships don’t last, is further evidence to support this.

If a girl who’s in her sexual prime [let’s say 17 to 40], doesn’t eventually bring herself to cheat on her partner, she will either dump him in order to attain guilt-free sex with other men, or the guy will eventually be forced to dump her for some reason or the other [it’s a win-win for her].

Therefore, if she isn’t allowed freedom to meet other men while being in the relationship, essentially to have her cake and eat it too, she will rather break up than to commit to strict monogamy.

Of course this will never be admitted to by any woman who’s in her right mind.

If she does break up with a guy, the standardized reasons will always be upheld:

“He treated me badly, didn’t respect me as a woman, cheated on me twice, never took me out…”

When in reality, had the boyfriend given her everything and some, plus treated her like royalty; it wouldn’t have prevented her from severing the relationship just so she can wallow in the cock-fest as the rest of her friends are doing.

As a man, you’re left with 2 choices when dealing with a 21st century girl between the ages of 17-38:

1.) Accept that your girlfriend will likely cheat on you but you’ll keep her anyway.

2.) Remain single or get with an older woman [sexy by the way] who’s no longer as viable on the dating market.

My current girlfriend of 4 + years, is 41 years old, so you don’t have to wonder as to my option of the 2. Not that I got with her for this reason. Furthermore, I prefer shagging cougars and MILF’s than sexually inexperienced women under the age of 30. So it all works out in my favor [dating older women].

I would never date a woman under the age of 38! But I often do sleep with them as young as 18.

It’s a harsh world out there guys.

We men have it bad thanks to the media and men who spoil women rotten!

It’s more than a catch 22 for the average guy who desires women under the age of 35.

It’s a “Damned if you do; damned if you don’t” kinda quagmire.

Being in my position isn’t always rosy when it comes to women choosing to share their illicit-sexual escapades with me.

Sure I can handle the truth about women. But it does make me wonder at times if there is really such a thing as a faithful woman.

The answer to that is a resounding “YES”, there are faithful women! But which type of woman?

That’s the question.

A woman who isn’t that hot [according to the social barometer], should be expected to remain faithful to 1 partner [although ugly girls still have tons of options].

That goes without saying since her option pool is limited in comparison to the hot and younger ones.

Hot girls on the other hand, are peer pressured 10 times as much into extramarital sex and cock on the side.

Not only are they pressured by friends, but society, the media and men.

A 19 year old hottie [even if she wasn’t hot], is likely to have 3 times the option in dick than a 29-39 year old.

The younger the girl; the more options, which means the greater the propensity and possibility to screw around.

Most young girls aren’t able to weather this temptation, hence promiscuity prevails.

With this, I’m baffled as to why men pine away over younger girls, when in all reality, the younger she is, the more likely she is to cheat and be pressured into compromising situations.

Well I do understand why men prefer to date younger. It goes back to evolution, biology and fertility. Men are more attracted fertile women who can breed for them [the ultimate and most important act of manhood]. The older the woman; the less fertile for breeding. So subconsciously, this’ why most men instinctively prefer and choose to chase women who are (much) younger.

However, in this day and time, “younger” is a far more risky proposition.

There’s no way that a 30 year old man dating a 22 year old, should expect her to become, or remain faithful to him and him alone [such an expectation is borderline delusional if you ask me].

That is fucking lunacy!

It also shows how naïve men are to female pathology in the 21st Century.

Dating younger spells way more trouble and competition from younger men who are vying to take her away from you [and will succeed eventually]. That’s just 1 factor of many to contend with for a guy.

Ask Donald Sterling about dating younger. 😉


Sure there are huge amounts of women who prefer to date older men. But in majority cases, they’re looking for a provider-type in an older man while getting dick from a younger or other one. And by young-old dynamic, I’m not necessarily speaking to a 25 year old hottie dating a 75 year old perv. I’m talking about a 25 year old hottie dating a 35 year old man. He is still old enough to be deemed the provider-type, unlike if he were 27 or 29 which isn’t much older than 25 [same age group practically].

The reality is, girls break men down into sub-categories based on utilities.

There’s the guy who provides her with money but rarely gets sex in exchange.

The guy who provides her with good conversation but no sex.

The shoulder to lean on guy…no sex for him neither.

Then she has the guys whom she’s stringing along like the ones she’d friendzoned and the nice Betas.

She also has the guy whom she can call on for anything (no sex for him neither).

Then she has the guys whom she dates strictly [no sex for them neither].

She also has the fuck-buddy and friends with benefits guy(s).

Some women, especially in the Caribbean, have guys whom they can phone up at any hour whenever they need a lift here and there as in to go shopping or clubbing and so forth. I call these idiots the “taxi providers”. They also don’t get sex in return for being used.

Then she has the boyfriend whose unofficial role is to provide her cover whenever necessary for convenience. So while mom thinks her wayward daughter to be all about the place, the daughter can then pop up and go, “See mom; I have a boyfriend. Meet Greg. I told you I wasn’t just partying like some wild chick.”!

Having someone [a boyfriend] and being in a relationship, symbolizes stability for a woman. On the contrary, being single and not managing to have someone in her life, enjoins with it negative connotations such as: slut, promiscuous, unstable, unwanted, undesirable, ugly,etc. So most young girls only want a boyfriend for the symbolic cover that it provides. The status of “in a relationship” provides them social prestige and a sense of importance.

Rarely anymore does a young girl between the ages of 17-35, stays with a guy solely out of so-called love, but more as a utility and cover to her social status.

It generally takes an over-the-hill woman who’d gotten her pussy banged out of commission, to be satisfied with less and content with not having to seek utilities from various men aside from her partner.

However, as long as she’s in her (sexual) prime, she will have allocated numerous men into respective categories and sub-categories for what she can get out of them [monetary being the least since she’ll naturally have a guy or 2 who are willing to buy and pay for every and anything].

This applies to all women!

Every fucking single one of them operates like this!

No exceptions!

The older ones may have less utilities because of their diminishing-sex appeal, but nevertheless: they too have men for utilities.

With having a girlfriend or a wife comes great responsibility in that you as a man, will have to decide to relinquish a lot of leverage and power in order that the relationship or marriage stays afloat.

You’ll have to accept the fact that your woman will have utilities, uses and excuses as to why other men should be in her life.

In keeping with that, you’ll have to live with the fact that your partner will be talking to other men who are potential suitors who would want nothing more than to fuck her guts out or possibly steal her away from you.

You also have to accept the fact that your girlfriend, whenever outside of your presence (and in your presence), will be texting other men, talking to other men, and flirting with other men.

In addition to that, you’ll have to accept the reality that other men will be checking her out, hoping to get a piece of the pie. And the more you try to prevent this from happening (by being an overly controlling boyfriend), the faster the relationship will crumble.

Any woman who says to you that you are the only guy she’s talking to, is a fat fucking liar!

Likewise with any woman who dares to tell you that she only has 1 man to provide her with every need and want under the sun.

The older and less attractive a woman becomes [in the eyes of society], the less needs and wants she will have had in relation to other men [hence getting with an older woman is a much safer gamble].

With all that have been cited throughout the previous paragraphs on utilities and youthfulness versus maturity in women, I want to conclude on my original point: I’ve yet to meet a woman between the ages of 17-38, married or in a traditional relationship, who is faithful to her partner.